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Thumbs down I love livestream but....

Originally Posted by CursingL View Post
So if somebody has an old account, because they are talented and sort of are the only reason I use this site. I can't actually follow them. Because adding the word new to the urls doesn't work. Seriously why didn't you just add a button instead of making a new domain?
I too don't understand this. I have the same issues your having. I have A LOT of favourite channels on the old version of the site which I cannot fav on the 'new' version (which btw, I had NO IDEA existed until I searched the forums for why we can't fav/follow channels).

I can log in to the 'new' livestream which is fine. But if any of my favourite channels are on the 'old' version I can't search for them, nothing comes up for their channel name. Ridiculous!

Seems insane to have two versions of the same site!, surely you could merge old accounts to new ones so EVERYONE benefits from these new functions, and so that when anyone logs into or registers on livestream they are on the new site, not the old one.