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Question Please tell me what I need to do. I'm very NEW.

My church is using the free Livestream version at this time and I need help with one problem and information on one other.

I was the cameraman at the 8:30AM Worship service yesterday and when I stop and told it to save it when it did it put this date and time on it. Wednesday, January 22, 2003 9:17PM

Will anyone tell me what needs to be done to correct these errors because it's dating all of our services as if they took place at a different time and date?? Please Help Me.

I need information, Please: I've been all over the Livestream website and I found some info about Facebook, did I understand it correctly when it was saying we can put our services onto Facebook?? Also, where do I look to get the needed info to be able to do it??

Anyone that answers me Please do me a favor. I can search everywhere on the Internet with ease but when it comes to the tech stuff, I am dumb. Please talk with me as if i am a First Grader. Please Help Me.
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