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Default I agree...

Yes indeed - I was hoping that Might have been able to reasonably integrate my ATEM TV into Livestream rather than Daily motion cloud (which costs more to run as a service).

The advantage of DailyMotion cloud from what I can see, is that its servers to which the H2.64 is uploaded, do the decoding / re-encoding and transmission to pretty much any device.

I have found the DailyMotion cloud to be a bit more robust and certainly a huge amount less processor intensive than the Livestream option - but I stil yet have to ascertain which I am going to stay with.

I have just built up 3 Intel Core 2 quad 2.5 machines, 4gb 1066 Ram, 128gb SSD drive, and a 2 TB main storage drive each .

seemingly - its going to take an absolute shed load more financial output for me to be able to get Live stream to work how I want it - but may possibly cost me less in the long run -

I am not sure what to do now. Daily motion uploads faster for sure, but costs marginally more. I am going to be trialling Livstream over the next week to see how it rolls.


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