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Originally Posted by rap1ds View Post

Thank you for your answer! It's a shame that WP is not supported :/

Could you elaborate your answer a little bit? Why isn't WP supported? Is it because of Windows Phone platform or because of the Livestream player? Do you plan to add Windows Phone support in the future?

Windows Phone is a big market for a company I'm working for. Because Livestream doesn't support WP, I have to say to my boss that it's impossible to play Livestreams from Windows Phone. Instead of just saying "no, not possible", I'd like to give him a brief explanation _why_ it's impossible, and _when_ will it be possible.


Br, Mikko Koski

I think the main issue with Windows Mobile phones is that they do not support the proper protocols/formats used for Livestreaming. Specifically HLS and Flash.
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