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Originally Posted by ShadowThief101 View Post
So, here lately my streaming starts out perfectly fine and then it jumps to anti-lag feature and just disconnects me and becomes absolutely terrible. I don't think it's my laptop, considering it never does this with my home internet (I'm on a university campus)
Here are my specs

It's the Alienware M14x Laptop with standard specs
Windows 7 64 Bit
Intel Core 2.60 (4CPUs) 2.6 HGz
NVIDIA GeForce GT 555M w/ 3GB GDDR3
500GB hard drive
Download: 8.51 Mb/s
Upload: 5.15 Mb/s
Ping: 61 ms

Advice? Also, I usually just set it to Medium or Normal quality.
The "Anti-lag" message is triggered by network connectivity issues. I would recommend checking to ensure that your network is properly configured. Make sure no firewalls are blocking these ports:


Also run a speed test to New York at the following URL to double check your internet connectivity to our server location:
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