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Originally Posted by jensenfilms View Post
I live streamed a 1/2 hour press conference today with the Clear Stick Atlas 4G modem and outside the California State Capitol with Broadcaster. I had a strong connection throughout the event. However, about 10 minutes in, the data rate fell and i ended up with lots of still frames with a date rate of 100-300 kbps. The data rate (and full streaming) went back to 'normal' during the last 10 minutes of the event.

Here is the event (look in the middle):

I hope to offer live streamed weddings and I need a RELIABLE solution. Is Verizon any better than Clear?


Mike Jensen
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You'll have to do your own testing to see if Verizon is any better but the issue you experienced is definitely due to loss of available bandwidth which is common on Mobile data connections since you are sharing bandwidth with all other users connected to the same Cell Tower.
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