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Please see responses below:

1.) Can I stream using the G2? Ideally I want to use this because it is a highly quality piece than the webcam.
You will not be able to use this camera to stream without the help of an additional piece of hardware that can capture an HDMI signal. We recommend the suite of devices offerred by Black Magic Design. You can find some options here:
2.) Just want to confirm that I can record to the HDD the stream as a video, whilst streaming to the internet.
This is correct. When streaming with Procaster, the stream is also saved locally at the highest quality bitrate being streamed. For example, if streaming in HD+Medium+Mobile, the local recording will be HD.

3.) Whether I can do all this under a free account?
Yes, you can do this under a free account, but it will have ads.

4.) Whether it would be worth investing in some other microphone/audio equipment rather than using on board stuff.
Purchasing additional audio equipment can improve the quality of your broadcast, but it's really a question of what your needs are. If you require very good audio, then I would definitely recommend looking into it. If you're planning on using a webcam with external audio, this will lead to an audio-sync issue.

If possible, I would recommend renting or purchasing a DV camera that can connect to your Computer via Firewire if you're looking to produce a professional quality stream.
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