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Originally Posted by ShadowRebirth37 View Post
Hello I'm new to this, but I need help. I'm running Windows XP and I can't figure out how to only have in-computer sounds, as in audio from dvds or other media playing on my laptop. I don't want people to hear me speak. Both audio source options in the Audio Mixer seem to pick up the microphone. What do I do?

Thanks for contacting us. The issue you are referring to is likely due to a missing features in Windows XP. The audio mixer works great in Windows Vista & 7 due to the built in audio mixing capabilities of the OS but this is not the same in XP. To properly user desktop audio from XP, you'll need to download an additional piece of software, such as Virtual Audio Cables, which will allow you to create virtual audio sources you may then select in Procaster's audio mixer.
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