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Default same problem error connection failed

My Procaster and Livestream Studio products have worked just about flawlessly for a couple of years. I am using XP Pro sp2.

However, as the original poster stated, I too saw the link to an update to Livestream Procaster. I downloaded it and installed it. When trying to login, I ended up getting the connection failed error.

I removed the latest version using control panel, restarted my PC and installed the updated version. Error connection failed.

I have also removed everything regarding Livestream and Procaster from the registry. Re-installed several versions with the same result, error connection failed.

I have done nothing different to my computer before or after the upgrade to the newest version of Livestream Procaster.

It appears from this forum that there are a growing number of users having the same problem and the technical help fixes don't seem to get it resolved.

Do I need to upgrade my OS to Win7 or beyond? If so, perhaps you need to indicate that to we users prior to our downloading the newest version of Procaster.

I loved this program and it went way beyond meeting my expectations and needs. However, now I cannot use it and have not been able two for the past three weeks.

One other consequence of trying to use Procaster is when I log in, it freezes my internet connection most of the time and to get Procaster to attempt to login I have to reset the modem several times to get a "internet-out" line. I use AT&T internet.

Please suggest something to fix this that works.

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