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Originally Posted by johis View Post
Hello, I've got a question about this too. been trying to verify my channel, I've been hitting over 50 watchers every time lately and I got quite a few videos on my VOD. I've seen people with less videos and watchers get verified and I still keep getting the message "New, inactive or small channel". I'm not sure where the problem lies but I'd like to know what's the minimum I need then? Even though like I said I've seen far more inactive channels get verified.

Or should I just keep trying to send the verification application after every stream I do?
I too tried several times to get approved. Finally on my 3rd try and many LIVE stream Events, VODs on and uploaded videos to run non stop. I was approved. Make sure that something is always streaming on your channel when you are not on. Make sure you have plenty of VODs. They like something to always be running on your channel.
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