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Originally Posted by cbcdavison View Post
Per the user guide, I should be able to view my On Demand videos on the new Livestream iOS viewer application. I have On Demand content enabled for my account and I have several videos added. I can view them if I visit my page in my browser, but when I try and visit my page using the iOS app, the video tab is disabled.

Can someone help and tell me what I'm doing wrong so I can get the videos enabled for the iOS app?



The reason your videos are not displaying within the iOS app is due to a compatibility issue with your videos. Clips uploaded to a free channel are transcoded to Flash which is not supported on Mobile devices.

In order for your content to be mobile compatible it must either be streamed Live using Procaster (or another encoder that supports H.264 video with AAC audio) or you can upgrade to a premium account which supports changing the video quality settings to an H.264 compatible option.

Hope this helps.
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