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Default First broadcast


Later this month I'm hoping to stream a public debate and a final of a debate tournament.

Equipment-wise I have:

A Logitech HD Webcam C310
A Panasonic G2 with 2 different lenses.

Assorted cables.
Desktop PC (more than capable)

In terms of download/upload, I am unsure atm. I'm at home and will be streaming from my Union building. I imagine that as it is on Uni Campus it should be fine (we usually get about 90megabit/s down... not sure what up)... The uni tv station usually streams using wifi but that isn't very good, so I'm going to go wired.


1.) Can I stream using the G2? Ideally I want to use this because it is a highly quality piece than the webcam.
2.) Just want to confirm that I can record to the HDD the stream as a video, whilst streaming to the internet.
3.) Whether I can do all this under a free account?
4.) Whether it would be worth investing in some other microphone/audio equipment rather than using on board stuff.

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