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Thank you for replying so quickly. I'm sorry I didn't provide many details. I was mostly trying to discern whether we could duplicate what we had been doing with Ustream, with Livestream - under ANY scenario. I assume we have the "new" Livestream as we are just starting to play with it in the last few weeks. For our set-up in Ustream we have been using a simple USB webcam to a Windows 7 machine as the streaming machine. A macbook pro (Lion) is running Propresenter to a projector (mini-DV to HDMI). You are right, I was mistaken when I said we capture the output from the is of course the output from Propresenter. Desktop Presenter is installed on the mac, which allows us to switch the view on the stream from camera to Propresenter output. So at this point I don't necessarily need to figure out every detail, only that it is possible, if that makes sense.

I'm the Propresenter gal, familiar with Macs, just trying to help out. For a number of reasons, Propresenter will continue to be on the mac platform. The person figuring out the streaming details is a Windows guy and trying to figure out how to use a Windows machine to stream and capture the audio of the service while also having the ability to capture the propresenter screen (as we do with Ustream). At the moment he is trying to use RealVNC viewer on the PC and the RealVNC client on the mac to try to capture the propresenter output.

Thank you so much for trying to jump in and help. I will try to fill in more details if you need.

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