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Originally Posted by telmnstr View Post

I got excited when I read that Livestream directly supported the Blackmagic ATEM units. I was thinking it would forward the h264 hardware encoded video that the unit produces to Livestream, where they would stream it to the viewers.

But apparently, it seems to want to locally re-encode the video? Is this correct? This takes a ton of processing power, especially when scaling video. The beautiful blackmagic units hardware encode the video -- it should never be un or transcoded locally.
You are correct. The only way we could find to use the signal output via USB from the ATEM is to decode the video, then re-endcode it for streaming since the encoded video from the device is not in a useable format. The recommended way to use the ATEM device is in conjunction with a Black Magic capture device which requires less resources since no decoding is required.

My laptops are all core2duo Macbooks and such. In the past a friend and myself messed around with a blackmagic HDMI capture card and on a high end quad i7 it was pretty taxed scaling from 1920x1080 down to 720p (Under Linux with VLC IIRC.)

I volunteered to stream something locally next weekend and am scrapping for solutions now!

Can a modern computer do the 3 version livestream reading from an ATEM unit @ 1920x1080?
A faster computer would be able to handle this better. The recommended specs are as follows:

Quad Core i7-2600 series CPU or better
6Mbps or better upload bandwidth
Dedicated video card, 512MB VRAM
Windows Vista / Windows 7

I'm also curious if I can do a blackmagic capture @ 1920x1080 while livestream is also streaming. From the same computer.

Also, I want a local copy @ 1920x1080, I don't want to loose that.
Unfortunately, it's not possible to record using the Black Magic utility and stream on the same unit since the same video signal cannot be used simultaneously in 2 programs.
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