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Originally Posted by deltas69 View Post
Moved to Livestream from the defunct Stickam a few weeks ago..I had been on Livestream previously..all was well until last week..when I suddenly had noise in the volume settings on the webcaster...slide the volume over to midway and it redlines with no signal input from me. Just a loud "motorboat" type sound. I have changed nothing on my end as far as settings...Also I have to open the webcaster from two sources to get the cam to work..once from the account options..and again by hitting the red broadcast tab ..that will open the webcaster with the cam..but I have the noise..closing the webcaster that has no cam does not affect it. I have narrowed the problem down I think to a line in issue on my I can stop the noise by turning the line in setting down within my sound card...just wondering if there is something within Livestream that can affect my sound card or my settings ?? I usually run Firefox..but have the same problem using IE..Running win xp with 26 megs down..5 megs up..and a pc custom built for web streaming with more than enough cpu, ram, etc..Thanks for any input..Chuck Lundi

I would recommend trying Livestream Procaster, our free encoding software. It has better support/recognition for devices than the Adobe Flash plugin which is used in Webcaster. You can download the software here:
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