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Thumbs down Abusive moderators...

Originally Posted by RisePDX View Post
I cant believe it is 4 years later and this still isn't fixed. We have the same problem on and other occupy channels. In fact these individuals clone people and evade bans while harrassing the chat and posting abusive sexist, racist hate.

When are you going to fix this livestream? take a look at what is happening on the globalrevolution channel to see example of how broken your ban system is. People cant have chats with this system broken like this. In fact many people are turning off the chat because of this.
RisePDX would you also mention to the Livestream members about the abusive behaviors of the moderators in Global Revolution. It is okay for you to have a political agenda, that is freedom of speech. When your moderators are using foul language against chatters that don't go along with your agenda, that makes you no better than those that you wish to silence. Your chatroom was in the high 1000's of viewers and now barely have 20 viewers. That speaks volumes. Perhaps the 1000's of other viewers have been banned. Maybe soon you will come to a point to where the moderators will only have each other to ban. Just a thought.
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