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Originally Posted by MrTheSoulz View Post
Originally Posted by RonaldH View Post
We're currently in development of the linux version, here is a status update on what we at least must do before we release a version.
-Transparency bug with the user interface.
-Generic webcam capture
-About 10 small bug fixes

So we are almost there.
whats the progress so far now?
It's really sad that there's been no update because at least two of the things listed should have easily been fixed by now.

Looking at the windows version, the entire interface is using Qt, so doing layered windows in linux would be really easy. It would just require a window manager capable of compositing which should be achievable by all if you use xcompmgr.

As for the generic webcam capture, that should be a lot easier now as well thanks to improvements to V4L2 since then.

Procaster kind of works in Wine now that they have Layered Window support, but certain things such as chat and the audio mixer still bug up a lot and cause the app to break. I'd be super disappointed if they're just waiting for the app to work in Wine for them to package a "for Linux" version that's just the exe and it'll make a wineprefix for it much like TeamViewer did/does(?).
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