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Default No speaker audio option in audio mixer, even after suggested fix


I have a Mac (Mountain Lion, 10.8.2) and for a long time Procaster did not give me the option to stream speaker audio in the audio mixer drop-down menu, only built-in microphone audio. A week or so ago, I tried the recommended fix (uninstalled, cleared the trash bin, rebooted, and reinstalled the 20.3.25 beta). The speaker audio option appeared in the drop-down menu after that, and I was able to stream audio from my speakers successfully for about a week. However, last night I was trying to stream as usual, and the speaker audio option did not work.

Since then I have tried uninstalling, rebooting, and reinstalling the 20.3.25 beta version, and going back to earlier versions, but now the speaker audio option is missing entirely no matter how many times I reinstall. I only have the option to use built-in microphone audio.

All the help threads related to this issue pretty much recommend the same fix which hasn't worked for me, so I am stumped. Please help me out if you can?
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