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I'm trying to catch my speaker's audio. It happens if I'm streaming games and when I'm playing videos I've taken at concerts. If I'm upstairs in my house the crackling is soft and I don't have much of an issue but some skipping on the viewers end now and then. If I move downstairs (I have two power plugs, one up and one downstairs) as soon as I plug in the crackling gets louder and the skipping gets worse and worse. I completely uninstalled and reinstalled and am currently running 20.3.25. I downgraded and that didn't work either. Randomly it will tell me I have no audio source selected when I have speakers selected and there's sound coming out of them. I thought a complete reinstall would fix this but nothing is working and it's getting VERY frustrating. I don't get a crackle at any other time or with any other program. My computer is usually running at about 20% CPU. As soon as I pull the power it stops and behaves perfectly. I have no other issues like this and I have tested this on 3 seperate power cords.
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