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Unhappy Audio Sync Issues


I know this has probably been posted once before, but who knows; my issue may be unique.

I've recently started seeing issues with my streaming quality where the the syncing between my live audio/video and my mic audio isn't lining up.

i.e. When I stream a game I'm playing, the video and audio of the game are syncing up just fine, but for some reason when I'm commenting/talking during the stream, my voice seems to start gradually coming up too early. For instance; my sudden reaction to an event comes up a second or two BEFORE the event is shown.

I don't believe I've had this issue until recently. And this was happening before your recent update. The lag gets worse as the stream goes on, so I have to stop and restart the stream around 10-15 minute intervals just so my recordings/my viewers aren't getting too bad of a lag with my voice.

Any way to fix this?

My Comp Specs:
-Windows 7 64bit
-8 Gig RAM
-Intel Core i7

Programs and devices I'm using to help stream:
-Livestream Podcaster
-XSplit Broadcaster (to capture the screen region of Monitor)
-ArcSoft Showbiz (to Get my game on the CPU screen)
-Hauppauge! HD PVR Gaming Edition (I know you don't support it for Livestream Procaster, that's why I have the XSplit Broadcaster).

Specs of stream itself:
-900-1000 bitrate
-1280x720 res.
-44.100 KHz 16 bit stereo (audio bitrate 128000-196000)
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