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Thanks for your reply.
I only see one failed video recording, which it's that I noticed early. The other 3 live recordings are fine. The other videos are uploaded or just tests.
I guess the bandwidth were over 500kbps, I've not was in the place that day but usually the location offer more than 500kbps wireless internet connection. People and I we all looked the live event OK, I mean, complete.
I don't understand why the video recorded shows 01:43:03 but we can't see all the video nor download, just a few minutes. If were a problem with the bandwidth, who knows now...
We ask to Livestream help to recovery the complete video, we haven't a copy --ok, we must to use Procaster but we can't in this event because multiple reasons.
So, Ernie, could you help us to recovery that video? If LIvestream have a copy in their servers, please help us, we really need it.
Thank you and sorry for the delayed reply.
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