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Originally Posted by Henry_live View Post

Have you tried installing the latest Beta? There have been some bug-fixes since we released 20.3.0 which are related to Game streaming. You can find a download link within the first post on the following Procaster forum thread:
I'll give it a crack and see how it goes, will report back with findings.


No such luck, about 8 or so minutes into the streaming it began to do it again. I listed off the errors in the stream itself so if I can I'll link to the video for you guys to perhaps look over as to see the symptoms. (Hope links are allowed for analysis!)

(on analysis, i realised that the beta install had wiped all me audio balance settings and all me recording settings so quality was higher than normal visually but at a lower fps, and i was talking but i hadnt turned the mic on! oops XD) THE GLITCH OCCURS AT 9:15 or so, look for the camera flick!

thats the clip anyway. Hopefully you can see where it starts spazzing, note it isnt just the camera that spazzes but the controls also twitch about accordingly, a long with the 3d model twitches such as the upper left shoulder, cloak and attachments seem to twitch like the collars, hoods and such of people even in cutscenes! (Oh! AND the minimap icons, have a look )

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