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Default Procaster Closes on <GO LIVE> and setup

I have recently began to use Livestream again after about a year's hiatus because of military deployment. I have previously used Webcast and Studio but decided to try Procaster in order to make local backup, since I have continuous failures recording at Livestream.

We are running a Windows XP/SP3 system with a quad-core i5 and 12G memory.

When I tried to use Procaster from an earlier installation, it would close if I clicked on <Preferences> on the main screen. It would open <Preferences> if I clicked on the <*> at the top left. However, while it showed my video source selections, clicking on any of them except a third-party webcam interface would cause Procaster to close, also. None of these issues occurred when I tinkered with it a year ago.

So I uninstalled Procaster and downloaded and installed the latest version. Same results, only worse: now Procaster would not even allow me to use the webcam interface, and closes when I choose *any* of the the three video sources (webcam, capture device, vMix).

Am I missing something obvious (or not-so-obvious)? Any suggestions? Webcast and Studio have been working O.K. ... well, as much as they ever work O.K.

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