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Hi, i've tried many settings.

When i've posted "the solution", the stream works correctly.

I've noticed now, that it works 1 on 5-7 tries (good result.. before i never see it), expecially swapping between the two video windows
(I use the embedded player + chat, and in mobile mode it display 2 videos to play).

Notice that i have flash player installed on my android device, and with Desktop pc User Agent , i view the video and the chat; btw i test on 2 android phones and an ipad.)

Try yourself HERE


- the fms URL is: rtmp://

- the output size is set to 720x576 @ 400kbps @ 20fps (the input is about 600 lines)
- Encoding: Baseline
- Level: 3 (or 3.1, 1 chance.. don't remember )
- Audio is unchecked (and unused).

- the encoding WAS H.264 Baseline profile 2.1 480X360 @ 20FPS @ 400KBPS

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