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Hello ernielive,

Thank you for your response, the version I am currently running is 20.3.0P but I must state that I upgraded to this version not but a week ago in order to try and` solve my issues. Before this version I am unsure what version I was using then, but it worked like a charm until about a month ago.

None the less, I will download this new version and try that instead and see if I have the same issues. I feel that I will because I believe the problem is much deeper than just a version change. Lastly, the screenshot of the movie being streamed was just to show that even on normal quality (which is pretty low) with almost no background process's running my CPU still hits 100's.


After using the latest beta version I am getting the exact same results, on medium quality just from streaming desktop always 100%, on normal just from streaming desktop jumping around 80ish which only gets worse when I try to play a movie or a game. It suggested that I lower my resolution to 1024 x 768, which I tried and nothing changed.

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