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Default Some question

I'm developing a social network based on the event's streaming.
I need to integrate the streaming service with my site and my mobile apps.

I need to stream many channel at some time, for example i have many camera on a event and i have to stream all toghether. I also have many events.

I think the way is to make channels on the fly via software, transmit the stream and delete the channel at the end. It is possible using the API ?

I need also to start streaming using procaster when i press a button on my site (the site use jscript client side architecture) it is possible ? It is possible to have access to broadcaster API and write my Procaster solution ?

At the last i don't undestand the difference beetween the new live stream and classic. I create some channel in my account but i can't see in procaster. In procaster i see only events.

Thank You
Daniele Rebechi
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