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Angry [SOLVED] Problems with mobile playback

Hi all, i'm streaming h24 a webcam on a beach. Our primary activity is kitesurfing and we follow live our sessions, or check the meteo, wave and wind conditions.

The stream is sent by Adobe FMLE (in encoding panel):

- the fms URL is: rtmp://

- the output size is set to 480x360 @ 400kbps @ 20fps (the input is about 600 lines)

- the encoding is H.264 Baseline profile 2.1

- Audio is unchecked (and unused).

Now, when i connect with a mobile device, it fails the 90% of tries. sometimes (very rare) i see the video, but is not my device because i've tried with many other devices (also in wifi, so isn't because the bitrare needs too bandwidth).

How i can see the stream from my android smartphone, or from an apple product? Please i'm going crazy!!

That's the stream!! :

I've also installed the last version of Procaster, and at the "Mobile quality" or upper, i CANNOT VIEW the stream from a mobile device (sometime the time counter goes forward, but with black screen; other times with fmle, the counter still remains at 0:00 and nothing happen).

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