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Exclamation Steam games hanging with procaster

I am using the latest beta. I have confirmed that the onscreen display for procaster is not set to "None"
I load procaster, it is set to run as an administrator, and set to hook in game mode.
I then can choose a wide range of games that I have to launch through steam, and find that the game will completely hang and fail to load, and has to have the process terminated.

If I loaded procaster after loading any steam game it fails to hook the process, even with trying the CTRL-F2 trick I read about doing elsewhere on the forum.

Secret world will hook, but it will not close properly when procaster is running. I have a non-steam version of it.

My problem is similar to this.

Killing flash processes that had appeared in my process list appears to have fixed this for the time being. I will update if I have a problem again, and if I can confirm that was what fixed it for me.
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