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Originally Posted by Apoca7ypse View Post
Every time I try to play music while I livestream, it plays through the microphone on my computer, and the video doesn't record the speaker's audio like it's supposed to. It worked yesterday when I recorded my first video drawing. I know that in the Livestream for Producers audio preferences, you have the option to select "speaker audio". But that option doesn't exist for me. I run on a Windows 7. I've looked through tons of FAQs and have been looking for answers online for about an hour now on how to fix my problem but found nothing that works. I downloaded an older version on Producers and it didn't fix the problem. I uninstalled then reinstalled Livestream for Producers twice, and still nothing. I was going to livestream tonight but couldn't because I'm not going to record a video of me drawing without music in the back. Please help.

When you are refering to the audio is only coming out of your mic, what exactly do you mean? Is it a usb headset?
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