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Originally Posted by ChrisBjors View Post
Procaster 20.2 or 20.3 (whichever is the latest I forget, downloaded 2 weeks ago to be sure)
i7 3820k 3.6ghz with Turbo enabled. (Quad)
16gig of ram
SSD harddrive
50mbit upload

I'm attempting to stream while painting in photoshop.

Two years ago on a much older PC, it was a Quad core with 2.6ghz, 3gigs of ram and a normal mechanical drive, I could stream 1680x1050 resolution while painting in photoshop with absolutely no lag whatsoever.

These days, on my new PC, everytime I lay down a brushstroke or pick a color I get this lag spike for half a second. Now imagine putting down a brushstroke every split second and picking a color every 3-20seconds. The lag is crazy, looking at my CPU usage just by having procaster streaming it uses up 40%.

Looking at my cpu usage when using photoshop without procaster running, it barely budges above 10% unless I'm using some crazy brush where it might jump to 30%

So how come when combining the two it spikes to 99% when doing arbitrary tasks like putting down a brush stroke or picking a color? Well, I don't expect an answer to this question but rather a work around.

Is there any way to download older versions of Procaster that weren't this CPU intensive?
Like before version 20.x.x

I guess it's worth mentioning that changing the resolution at which I stream has no effect at all on CPU usage.

Usually when something like this happens it is because of streaming quality. What preset are you streaming at?
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