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Default Procaster and Livestream not wokring for me!

I have been having issues with Procaster for almost a week and no one has been able to help The issue is this, when I open the program of Procaster and begin a Live feed, I go to my stream to see if everything is working properly and all I get is a constent black screen, I have done what I was told the last time I asked this question and changed the bps to lower quality and that still did not work, I reinstalled the program and that did not help either, The program like I have said befroe works fine, but when I check the stream the screen is black, when I first started it use to just say Offline, and that was it, the only time the program really works is when I install Manycam onto my computer and use it with Procaster, it then filters though the Broadcast Now button next to My Acount and the streaming works perfectly but I loath the volume thing, is there a way I can fix this issue so I can use Procaster?
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