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Default Black Screen when watching livestream

Hey there. I am having a big issue with watching livestream that suddenly popped up a few days ago. After the adverts play, the stream is clearly connected, but I just get a black screen and no sound. Everyone ells in the stream says they can watch it just fine. This has happened for numerous different stream accounts and all but one have the same problem. I can access the studio to one, but even when I put a playlist into auto pilot nothing shows up.

This problem only started happening exactly 1 week ago and was solved through a computer reset. I have changed no settings or added no programs to google chrome since then. I have tried playing on a different web browser (I have tried Firefox, Opera and I.E besides Chrome) and even used my netbook (I run a PC) and get the same problem. Resetting the router has not helped.

One time it started playing again after over an hour of being blank, but went to the same black screen as soon as I went to pop out video in a new window. Refreshing the stream does not work, I have cleared my cache several times, logged out, made a new account and tried re-installing flash player. None of these have solved the problem. This image is exactly what it looks like to me. The fact that it's like this for some channels when for others it works just fine baffles me the most. And as I said earlier, even in the studio I am the only one experiencing this problem.

If it helps, I believe that the difference between the stream that worked and the streams that didn't is that the ones that did work were using either Xsplit, a form of Procaster or were running audio only.

Any ideas of how to solve this issue? Thanks.

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