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Default Same issue

Ernie and co.,

I have the same thing going on (which I've seen in other forum threads here as well), and I'm fairly certain it's an issue on your side with post-event encoding or something related to it.

During the actual live event stream, audio and video are in sync as normal. As soon as the same footage is available on demand, however, the video drifts behind the audio -- sometimes (it appears) up to a minute behind. And it seems to get progressively worse the longer the event is.

Our setup ...

* Laptop: 17" MacBook Pro (Early 2011), 2.2 GHz Core i7, 8 GB of RAM
* OS: Mac OS X 10.6.8
* Software: Wirecast Pro 4.1.3 with Livestream pre-configuration
* Encoding: 696 Kbps (600 for Main H.264 16:9 video, 96 for 44.1 KHz mono audio) at 25 FPS with 50-frame keyframes
* Connection: College campus with GigE pipes -- to NYC consistently yields upload speeds of 15 - 20 Mbps

If it was truly an issue on our side, wouldn't the audio sync issue happen during the live event as well? The fact that this only seems to happen after the original event -- with the on-demand delivery -- strongly indicates it's a post-production problem on your side.

I'd like to see a resolution to this sooner rather than later, as our on-demand streaming sync problems make us look amateur -- through no fault of our own. We've been using as a premium producer for 2 years as of this coming spring, and I've never seen consistently bad on-demand results like this in the past.

Columbus State Community College
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