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Originally Posted by demonhiei7 View Post
You would think that, but it runs perfect on Windows 7. I have no problems streaming on Windows 7, I did so before making the jump. The problem is Procaster isn't working well for Windows 8, in this case something in the registry is messing up, because procaster works fine on initial install and then checking the option to run Procaster after install. As soon it is restarted, some option/dll/line of code/registry runs that it didn't run post install, causing Procaster to crash any game. You can also see in my channel, that streams run fine and look fine on Windows 8, if I reinstall Procaster.

I will try out that version of Procaster.

EDIT: On a further note, I am using that version, its the only version that works on Windows 8.

Just to be sure...did this version help out? And what version did you have before hand?
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