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The channel where this is occurring for me is, a stream I've watched pretty regularly for a long time.

It seems to occur when the Auto Pilot cues a video, as if I happened to load up the site when it is already live I am spared the problem. However if it does happen it will continue to happen even if the channel goes live.

When it happens the status bar reports that it is waiting for, repeatedly flashing this message forever. The player doesn't start streaming (no video or sound), but does load preview image data as well as ads. The loading circle on the player remains visible during all this.

Once in a great while it will manage to connect to extondemand and actually play a autopilot video, but it's a one off thing and goes right back to hanging on as soon as the next video is due to be loaded. If machine is hard reset the problem sometimes goes away, but reappears 10 or 20 minutes down the road the first time the player calls extondemand.

I'll get a snapshot when I can, but I've described it better than it could.
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