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Default 100% cpu and incredible lag on a good computer, been happening on and off for years

Hi, I've used this product for years to stream for my friends. But the problem is, when I load some versions of this program and start streaming; it'll either lag my game a LOT for no good reason, giving my game 9 fps and my stream ~20 for some odd reason. Or I'll boot the game up and I won't have any lag problems, but my stream fps will suffer and go under 10 fps. I've tried fiddling with different versions and to no avail.

This recent one was a good example of this problem. I'll have around 120 fps when I'm playing normally; and no matter what type of stream I do (Screen or game) or bitrate, or fps setting; I'll still have 100% cpu and have horrible fps problems. This didn't happen a couple versions back and has been a persistent problem I've had for the passed couple of years of me using this product.

My procaster version is 20.3.10

My dxdiag is here:

To add on, I have opened a ticket to support about this problem.

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