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Default Unable to view Events.

I have created a support ticket (Livestream Support #77756)for this but have had no help.
I do have to say that Livestream's support for viewers is sadly lacking. I have sent screen shots, have tracked down every possible problem that this could be associated with, have offered to do end to end testing, have identified other pc's which have the same problem. Testing on multiple computers at my end has identified the problem coming from Livestream. And I have not heard anything back from Livestream that indicated that they were even interested in this problem. Livestream does realize, doesn't it that when webcasters stream events that they are expecting viewers to be able to see these events don't they?

Since Thursday morning 10/11 I have not been able to get the Livestream page to load. The channel that I watch (Spice Kittens) won't load neither will the Livestream home page or any other channel. I then tried to get to Livestream’s home page. I get a message at the bottom of my screen “(10 items remaining) Waiting for”

I keep trying different things at my end. I tried getting into some of the other feeds like fox news. I get sound, it still stops loading at 10 items and I have no live stream picture, but there is sound. I can click on links. But although it goes to the link, you cannot view the event, just hear it.

I am using IE8, I have the very latest adobe and Java. Every other web page that I access has is working fine.
This is not a security issue since it happens on multiple PCs, including home PC’s that do not have security.
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