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Thanks for your reply about the missing Youtube videos. We'll try to make your suggestion eventually.
But about the uploaded video and the live recorded videos missed, we never read any email or comunication from Livestream about your "storage cleanup wizard" because you do not comunicate nothing, and in our case our videos have been more than 10 viewers in the last 6 mounth.
Livestream deleted our videos without notification, we have confidence in your product. Why Livestream don't sent just a simple email to notice us about the news of storage cleanup wizard? It's not fair, you changed the rules as you wish and we loss our material.
Is not any way to recover the deleted videos? Do you really don't have a back up in case of error? We ask support, please give it, repair the damage. We can't believe that Livestram cannot fix so much errors, the first one, no comunicate to the users they'll loss all their work.
Waiting for a positive reply, regards.
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