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Default Quality?

Is your streaming Live? I am assuming it is Also does the camera do well at far distances? Our distance will be at least 200feet away from the camera. I am sorry for all the amateur questions, I am learning as we go. Can I use a PC instead of Mac? Also when you are streaming are you able to record at the same time? basically live stream and record simultaneously so that we can keep a copy in order to make copies for people who request or even to put on our website? I guess this can be a question for anyone as well but is there a tripod that will work with this that has remote controls for zoom and record? reason I ask is because we need something to be able to control from about a foot away from the camera at ease...if there isn't I don't think it would be that huge of a deal, but we do need a better tripod regardless! Thanks for all your help Blive_now. Looks like a great possibility for us to get this.

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