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Originally Posted by danyork View Post
Trying to get Procaster to work with a live stream from my Canon Vixia HF M50 camera.

I have a BlackMagic Intensity Extreme connected via Thunderbolt to a MacBook Pro running Mac OS X 10.7.4. I have installed the latest software today from BlackMagic's website. Both the Intensity Extreme and the Canon Vixia HF M50 are brand new.

When I use the BlackMagic Media Express application, I can see the video from the camera correctly appearing in the application. I can record video. That seems to all work.

I have Livestream Procaster 20.3.8 installed on my system (downloaded from this forum).

Procaster works fine and streams my video fine when I use either the built-in camera in my MacBook Pro or when I use a Logitech C910 webcam.

Procaster also recognizes my Intensity Extreme as a viable input source. However, when I choose it and go live, I get a black screen and then "Lost Signal".

If I go into Procaster and, *before* going live, click on "Input Sources" next to the camera choice, I don't see a video preview. I've tried changing the settings but I don't see a preview.

It seems to me that there must be some kind of settings mismatch going on here, but I am at a loss to know where to go next.

Any suggestions about how I might get this working?

Thanks in advance,

If you can, we would like for you to try a few things:

1- please install the latest beta of procaster by visiting It has a fix for users experiencing the "Lost Signal" issue

2- Please ensure that no other video capture programs (i.e. FMLE, BlackMagic Media Express) are running.

Let us know if this helps you out in anyway
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