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Originally Posted by spacedogcrew View Post
I adress this to you, mister Livestream SEO Stategic Planner and Software Developer: your service sucks. could be a real good service!
All the great features are there, THEY JUST DON'T FUNCTION!

I have been testing Livestream for a day now and have found many major fails. Basically service does not hold itself together.

1. Web Studio.
* Cue video button is confusing. Video starts playing only after I flip AutoTransition on Cue several times. I bet my female bartenders wont be able to get this working.

* Ticker does not loop. I cant find the options, Studio - Configure Channel - Style Channel, wich was supposed to provide ticker speed options, does not have any.

* Manage Library
Obviously - import from YouTube failed on Chrome, Safari and Firefox.
How fcking lame is that?

* Tried to add another camera using my iPhone4. Installed the app, connected Qik and Livestream. Seems like Livestream recognized iPhone ar Sorce: phone recieved the input and send it to the Studio and I could hear it, but at the same time it failed to show it on the Sorces list. I could not find, select and control the iPhones input.

2. Procaster.
* Constantly sends my iMacs 1.83GHz Intel Duo processor in overkill. Must be I have "only" 2GB of RAM. Imho thats a fail.

* Tried to use Procaster's internal audio mixer to mix iMac's Line-in (the music from DJ stand) and MIC in on my NI Kontrol1. Horrible noise, obvious discompatibilty.

.. i bet if I continue, this list will grow.

Tried USTREAM today. The in-house app runs fine. Yes, it lacks the layers in free version, but at least it works.
Good-bye, im gone for ever.
Please find answers to your questions below:

-The correct process for cueing clips is the following:

>Click "Cue" button
>Click "Transition to Cued Clip"

The "Auto Transition To Cued clip" feature will automatically transition to the the cued clip once the current clip is done playing. If this is not what you're experiencing, please clarify.

-We revamped the motion graphics quite some time ago to create a much more light-weight overlay/motion graphics package for our users. Part of that update was removing the option to change the scroll speed.

-We are aware of an issue with YouTube imports and are currently working on resolving this issue.

-Qik is no longer officially supported on the platform. I apologize for the inconvenience.

-Unfortunately, your iMac does not meet the minimum specs for using Procaster. Please review the following page of our Userguide for information on recommended specs:

-Have you tried listening to that audio using an alternative software such as Quicktime? If so, was there any additional noise when using the alternative?
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