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Question Samsung Laptop

I currently work with the Media Department in my church. We capture via [3] cameras, switcher and DV Recorder. Generally, the DV DEC Output is Firewire 4 pin into my Dell Laptop onto external hard drive capturing via Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 - and also output to DVD Recorder for after church immediate sales.

Our Church recently decided to Live Stream of which we have an account with user name HLRMinistries. We purchased another laptop Samsung RC512 of which now the DV DEC Composite/RCA Output is being used with the Intensity Shuttle USB 3.0.

Procaster and BlackMagic Shuttle 3.0 reflects the latest versions, my Adobe Flash Media Player and Java are the lastest version - but for some reason the video and audio are not sync.

My laptop should be acceptable
Windows 7 Home Edition (service pack 1)
Processor: i7-2630QM CPU @2.00 GHz 2.00GHz
RAM: 6.00 GB
64-bit operating system
NVIDIA - GE Force Graphic

What am I doing incorrectly - my capture on DVD and External Hard drive is sync - live stream audio follows the video. Settings from camera input is 720 x 489 4:3 29.97 - but have 512 x 384 4:3 29.97 for H.264 with audio 64 stereo and 44100.

Can anyone help me?
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