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Default Livestream fails

I adress this to you, mister Livestream SEO Stategic Planner and Software Developer: your service sucks. could be a real good service!
All the great features are there, THEY JUST DON'T FUNCTION!

I have been testing Livestream for a day now and have found many major fails. Basically service does not hold itself together.

1. Web Studio.
* Cue video button is confusing. Video starts playing only after I flip AutoTransition on Cue several times. I bet my female bartenders wont be able to get this working.

* Ticker does not loop. I cant find the options, Studio - Configure Channel - Style Channel, wich was supposed to provide ticker speed options, does not have any.

* Manage Library
Obviously - import from YouTube failed on Chrome, Safari and Firefox.
How fcking lame is that?

* Tried to add another camera using my iPhone4. Installed the app, connected Qik and Livestream. Seems like Livestream recognized iPhone ar Sorce: phone recieved the input and send it to the Studio and I could hear it, but at the same time it failed to show it on the Sorces list. I could not find, select and control the iPhones input.

2. Procaster.
* Constantly sends my iMacs 1.83GHz Intel Duo processor in overkill. Must be I have "only" 2GB of RAM. Imho thats a fail.

* Tried to use Procaster's internal audio mixer to mix iMac's Line-in (the music from DJ stand) and MIC in on my NI Kontrol1. Horrible noise, obvious discompatibilty.

.. i bet if I continue, this list will grow.

Tried USTREAM today. The in-house app runs fine. Yes, it lacks the layers in free version, but at least it works.
Good-bye, im gone for ever.

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