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Originally Posted by royalstorm_gc View Post
hello all. im part of a gaming community and we stream some gameplay of them. recently most of us is playing guild wars 2 and i am having broadcasting issues but only in game mode, in window mode it broadcasts without any issue (maybe thats what your friend does Ganzatraxx).
toghether with the game i use an overlay tool that is quite popular among gamers, Overwolf, and i wish to know, if possible, if the overlay features of this software can be causing the game crashes when broadcasting in game mode?
i read in some parts of the thread, or other threads, that Xfire could cause such issues, maybe Overwolf can also? may i sugest to make livestream procaster compatible with those tools also (overwolf, xfire, steam overlay, raptr and others alike) and not only with the main softwares (games or others)?
thanks for any help and sugestions provided
No, my friend streams with gamemode. I cannot broadcaster with no methods :S
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