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This issue appears to be related to a browser hijack or some similar malware issue that is preventing access for some users when trying to view the Livestream player. Unfortunately because this seems to be a local issue related to this malware hijacking the browser there is nothing that can be done on the Livestream side and the offending programs / processes will need to be removed / disabled.

One symptom of this may be that your browser's default search engine may be changed without your permission. If you do a web search this seems to be a fairly common issue and would need to be resolved by removing the at fault malware / virus.

For at least one user the issue was at least temporarily fixed by disabling a process running called Visicom_antiphishing.exe. I would recommend checking in task manager if this or any other unrecognized processes are running that may be at fault and fully remove any virus or malware.

Based on some basic research, if this specific virus is causing the issue it may be a difficult virus to remove. We highly recommend using an anti-virus or anti-spyware program and only try to manually remove the virus if you have advanced knowledge of your system architecture. If not, take it to be professionally serviced.

Livestream Support
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