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Default Unable to broadcast

I have a very strange issue going on that I can't figure out how to solve. First let me give you some system information and the strange issue is of the 2 systems I have the better of the 2 is where the problem lies.

OS Windows 7 Ultimate
CPU 1 i7 3930k & 2 i7 860
RAM 1 16gb & 2 8gb
Tuner 1 Pinnacle Systems 800i & Tuner 2 MY CINEMA-EHC3-150
Procaster 20.3.80P

Now the issue, On the i7 860 I'm able to open Procaster and broadcast from the Tuner or the screen directly with absolutely no issue it works flawlessly. The i7 3930k I start procaster and it seems like it takes forever to load up and then it goes through these steps.

1. Initialization
2. Initialize settings window
3. Initialize Mixer
4. Initialize Framegrabber
5. Login

I set the TV Tuner up, make sure the crossbar is correct and the video is displayed in the preview box. Now regardless what bandwidth I broadcast at here is what happens.

1. Starting Desktop Grabbing
2. Starting 3D effect
3. Initializing Preview
4. Starting H264V Softs Encoder
5. Connection to livestream [quality]
6. Trying to reconnect 1 of 50

That is, It never connects. Now if I switch it from tuner to screen broadcasting it connects instantly. So what can I do for this card? I used this same card all year last year with no problems so I find it hard to believe the card is the issue.

Some more information that I have come across when running these side by side the one on the much more powerful system is just lagging behind the i7 860 loads the client up ready to go online is what would appear to be 1/3 of the time that the i7 3930k takes which makes very little sense.

Now when hitting go live on both systems at the same time the i870 is at the start camera and the 3930k is just sitting there chugging along going through the start up steps. There is definitely something causing this extreme delay but I'm not sure where to start so any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Additional Testing:

Flash Media Encoder - Works fine
Veetle - Works fine
XSplit - Works fine

If you need anymore information just ask!

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