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Originally Posted by stucifer View Post
Hi Again -

I upgraded to the new beta version and still cannot get MLB2K12 to stream correctly.

Scenario A - Game Mode
Procaster is running when I launch the game, it will begin loading the game, but then freeze during all the login processes and become unusable.

Scenario B - Desktop Mode
Streaming is working, but on the LiveStream site when watching the stream it is choppy and unable to view properly.

Scenario C - Desktop Mode then Game Mode
Start the game streaming in Desktop Mode and then switch to Game mode and restart streaming. Stream will work for a minute or so and then the controls on the controller become non-responsive except the Start/Pause button and then the game is unresponsive overall.

I'd like to work with someone on this issue to try and figure out what the issue might be. I have a friend who can stream ok in desktop mode. The only difference would be that I am using multiple monitors - could this be contributing to the issue?
Hello stucifer,

Are you using the latest beta (20.3.8) to play with? If you are, could you try the Attach a game feature by pressing "Ctrl+F2" while the game is loaded in game mode, and see if this helps with hooking the game.
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