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Default Good to Know, Livestream Are You Working On This?

Originally Posted by bswann View Post
As they mention the only way to do MBR right now is to use the Procaster software or plugin on the Tricaster. I have had this fail on every single outing. I have gone so far as to purchase a HD Portable system from Livestream just so I can take the program out feed from the Tricaster to send to the encoding system to stream MBR. While this is not always an options for everyone its what I had to do to be able to have the functionality of the Tricaster and stream MBR.
I am in the market for a Tricaster, assuming the Procaster plugin for this system will provide solutions to a number of issues, one being MBR. I currently run a MacBook Pro with 2.66Ghz i7 and 8Gbs Ram with Procaster and can't get Procaster or the Mac to stream over 800Kbps without Procaster crashing. When using this Mac as the encoder Procaster is the only application running on the system. Its been hard to imagine the Tricaster can handle this kind of load better than dedicated CPU, while providing the live switching interface. That's just a lot of work for a single machine.

What are you streaming at now after adding the 5K worth of encoding hardware?

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