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Default Beta Procaster Release 20.3.25

We just released a Beta for Livestream Procaster for Windows.

Version 20.3.25
Release Notes:
-Fixed some small fixes with Blackmagic capture.

Download link

Version 20.3.22
Release Notes:
-Fixed crashes when Memory gets low
-Better stability when camera's have a fluctuating framerate
-Fixed disconnect/reconnect in Blackmagic cards and H.264 recorder
-Fixed several time issues with Blackmagic cards
-Removed "Matrox A/V Input" DirectShow device from the sources list.
-WAS (Vista and higher) Recording Fix (looping sound)
-Fixed an issue with the Microsoft Lifecam Cinema where it would stop streaming with extreme light changes
-Fixed audio format detection with certain BlackMagicDevices
-Removed NTSCp, PALp and 720p half-FPS video modes from the capture methods of Matrox capture devices
-Fixed camera settings storage
-Fixed a bug when the username on Windows is not in the English Alphabet.
-Added game rehooking (By default ctrl+f2)
-Fixed several game hooking (example games):
Counter-Strike: Source
Half-Life 2: Deathmatch
Garry's Mod
Day of Defeat: Source
Team Fortress 2
Dota 2 Beta

Version 20.3.10
Release Notes:
-Fixed block game hotkeys in interactive game mode
-Fixed functionality with following games:
Counter-Strike: Source
Half-Life 2: Deathmatch
Garry's Mod
Day of Defeat: Source
Team Fortress 2
Dota 2 Beta

*Note: These Games do not stop broadcasting when you exit the game. To stop broadcasting with these games, use the "SHIFT+ESC" hotkey to end your broadcast then close your game

Version 20.3.8
Release Notes:
-Fixed Device rate so it correctly detects the correct device rate.

Version 20.3.7
Major changes
-Game hooking mechanism has changed, now you can press ctrl+f2 in game to hook to the current game. You can change this shortcut key in the preferences.
--A note on this, the new network valve game aren't working yet (like team fortress 2) we are looking into this to get it fixed.
-Fixed bug with non english channel names
-Fixed bug with non english windows user accounts
-Fixed bug with non english windows installations
-Fixed Matrox support (should install the 7.0.2 drivers!)
-Fixed webcamera timing issue when they have a high changing amount of FPS (Mainly with the Live Camera)
-Added frame gap when there are invalid timestamps from devices.
-Correcting BlackMagic timing when no signal detected.
-Fixed audio format detection on BlackMagic h.264 devices.

Minor changes
-Fixed bug with blackmagic h.264 recorder when there is no signal
-Fixed crash when there is not enough memory available
-Fixed an memory leak
-Fixed an recording loop

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