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Exclamation How to livestream with skype without the people in skype hearing everything I do.

What I want to do is livestream whilst talking to people on Skype.
But no matter what the people in skype would end up hearing everything I do because I need stereo mix on for the people in livestream to hear them.
What is basically want.

1: For the people in my livestream to hear me.
2: for the people in the livestream to hear the people I'm talking to.
2: for the people on skype to hear me.
3: for the people on skype to not hear themselves or any music I play.

I need my microphone on so the people in skype and livestream can hear me, I need stereo mix on so the livestream can hear the people on skype but I also need stereo mix off so the people on skype don't hear themselves and anything i do on my computer.

This is why I wish that everything could be separate and easy to use. Instead it's a big mess with lots of crossovers.

(EDIT) I have fixed this problem now. No need to help anymore.

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